Why Music is Good for Your Child

Here are some bits of research on the subject:

  • Elements of music and reading are highly related in first graders. A strong relationship has been found between a student’s awareness of pitch and their ability to sound out material in reading.
  • A high level of involvement in instrumental music correlates to high achievement in math proficiency.
  • A student making music experiences the “simultaneous engagement of senses, muscles, and intellect. Brain scans taken during musical performances show that virtually the entire cerebral cortex is active while musicians are playing.”
  • High school student musicians outpace their peers in both verbal and math SAT scores.
  • Studies show that music lessons will help improve a student’s math skills more than using a computer math software program.

Visit the Instrumental Petting Zoo at Santa Clarita's Literacy & Arts Festival on December 7th at Newhall Library to explore different instruments and ways to bring music into your child's education.



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