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School Volunteer Program - VOLUNTEERS NEEDED FOR 2019/2020 SCHOOL YEAR!

Designed to improve students’ reading and comprehension skills, this program connects volunteers with students who need a little extra help. Volunteers are recruited throughout the community including individuals from the Senior Center, College of the Canyons and other local organizations. Our volunteers work 1-2 hours a week working either one-on-one or in small group settings.  Our “Literacy Friends” will read with or be read to, assist with pronunciation, comprehension and provide positive feedback. Volunteers are assigned to a specific school and one class for the duration of the school year – they become part of the classroom family.  

Click here to download the Read With Me volunteer questionnaire!


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 During the 2017/2018 School Year 70+ volunteers gave 

    close to 1,800  hours of their time helping students improve their literacy skills.


Having fun with books, words and reading games is not only enjoyable but it will improve

your child's reading skills. This guide gives tips and ideas to bring fun into reading

using books and words. Whether you are at home or on the go,  in 5 minutes or 30,

you can make a difference that will help your child to succeed.

(Booklet made possible through a City of Santa Clarita Community Service Grant.)


Click below to download the "Reading with Fun" guide for parents

English Download

    Spanish Download    

Game Instructions 

I Spy Download

Shopping and Rhyming Download

Make Up Stories Download

Leer es Divertido

Lista & Rimas

Yo espío/espia

Bag of Books

Designed to improve literacy skills and encourage reading, Bag of Books allows children who have little or no access to books outside school to take home a set of books to read on their own and with family members. At the beginning of the week, each student signs out a bag containing four grade-level books. The bag is returned to the class on Friday. Bags will equal the number of students in the class and contain different titles in each bag.

For the above programs, we work closely with local schools and districts to identify students and families that would most benefit from Bag of Books and specialized tutoring.



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