Teacher Tribute Honoree Carolyn Davenport


 Carolyn Davenport

2nd and 3rd grade teacher at Canyon Springs Community School

I’m part of the positive change by…helping my students develop skills needed in academics, technology and communication to take risks in learning that will help them for the rest of their lives.

Teacher Tribute Honoree Claudia DiMonte


Claudia DiMonte

5th Grade Teacher at Castaic Elementary

My professional motivation comes from . . . both my students and my colleagues. My students inspire me to find new and better ways to reach them. My colleagues lift me up and inspire me to try new and different approaches to reaching my student. The amazing folks I work with are not just the best in the west, they are the best on this earth.

Teacher Tribute Honoree Paula Bae

Paula Bae

10th - 12th grade Honors Anatomy and Physiology Teacher at Hart High School,

I know I have impacted my students' lives when . . .I hear students say "This is the first science class I've actually enjoyed" or when I get an email from a student in college thanking me for preparing them well.

Teacher Tribute Honoree Kerry Dashnaw

Newhall Elementary School



The most important thing I do everyday is … inspire and love my students.  When children sense and have confidence that they are loved and cherished, their hearts open to the learning process and they take ownership of their education.

Teacher Tribute Honored Teacher

Liz Ketterl

Bridgeport Elementary - 5th Grade


When I teach, I feel like I'm responsible for preparing my students for all the things they will need to know for the journey ahead. My students know knowledge is power and character counts and when we work together, we can achieve anything!

West Creek Academy

West Creek Academy, a diverse student community, has focuses on the arts and provides students with in-school music instruction and Technology, Engineering, Art, and Music (TEAM) Pathway. Find out about the Los Angeles Philharmonic Music Program and West Creek Students. Experience the fantastic happenings at West Creek by shadowing Principal Pak on February 6th through Principal for a Day.


Santa Clarita Elementary

What's going on at Santa Clarita Elementary? Well ...Santa Clarita is creating innovative thinkers in science and math through our monthly Wonder Wednesday program where students work collaboratively to investigate and observe real world concepts such as the watershed and the many different facets of the water cycle. Find out more by signing up to shadow Principal Korie on February 6th for Principal for a Day.


Rosedell Elementary

Tucked in an older neighborhood in Saugus, Rosedell Elementary has a lot to show off. Rosedell is a CA Distinguished school with a strong focus on Technology and Performing Arts. This year we are especially proud of our 5th graders who achieved an amazing 92% scoring Proficient or Advanced on the California STAR Science Test. Mrs. Walker received a microphone system through the SCVEF teacher grant program last year. Her 2nd graders are working on their public speaking skills.


Plum Canyon Elementary School

Not is only Plum Canyon a Kindness Certified School, arts is a priority. After receiving an Arts for All Grant from the LA County Arts Commission for the second year, Plum Canyon partnered with COC K-12 Arts Education Outreach program this year. The Plum Canyon PTA raised over $20,000 to bring art education workshops based on the California Visual and Performing Arts standards and Common Core Standards to every grade level.


Mountainview Elementary School

What is so special about Mountainview Elementary School that you should check out firsthand by signing up with Principal for a Day? Here is a bit to spark your interest. Mountainview students are heavily involved in arts education and student service through FAME and Student Service Program. Part of the Student Service is disability awareness and students tutoring opportunities.



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