Bag of Books


What our parents are saying about Bag of Books...

"Got my kids to enjoy reading as a family"
"My son developed an interest in reading"
"Gave us family time and bonding with child"
"I learn how to read, write and spelling the English language"
"Developed a greater love for reading"
"I can't afford to buy new books and having new books in the home made her want to read them."

Join our cause to add more schools to the following list of participating schools:

Canyon Springs Elementary

Cedarcreek Elementary

Fair Oaks Ranch Community School

Leona Cox Community School

Live Oak Elementary

McGrath Elementary School

Mitchell Community School

Mint Canyon Community School

Newhall Elementary

Northlake Hills Elementary

Old Orchard Elementary

Peachland Elementary

Rio Vista Elementary

Valley View Community School

Wiley Canyon Elementary




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