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    Will you please help us in maintaining and extending our Bag of Books program?

    The Bag of Books program currently caters to kindergarten classrooms in 17 schools across this valley! This means that over 1,600 young readers in 64 classrooms get a backpack filled with four new books each week. They return the books weekly only to get another four books the next week. Over the course of a school year they have the opportunity to read 130 different books, in their home, with their families. How great is that!  

    While the Bag of Books has been bringing in awesome results, we don't just want to stop at 64 classrooms. Will you consider making a contribution to help further develop children's literacy skills in SCV? Just $25 will buy one backpack filled with four books.  A $1,000 donation will supply an entire classroom!

    If you are interested in supporting our new Page Turners program, please contact Lety Ledezma at coordinator@scveducationfoundation.org.

    Thank you for being a part of this movement. By joining forces to give generously, we can make huge strides in literacy.


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    Teacher Tribute Honoree Paula Bae

    Paula Bae

    10th - 12th grade Honors Anatomy and Physiology Teacher at Hart High School,

    I know I have impacted my students' lives when . . .I hear students say "This is the first science class I've actually enjoyed" or when I get an email from a student in college thanking me for preparing them well.

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    Check out SCV Education Foundation. I just joined.


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