Teacher Grants

Educators have great ideas to augment the core curriculum. They have the passion to embrace their vocation and are eager to take the extra steps to increase the value of education for their students.  Teacher Grants provide the means to bring these ideas to fruition. The Foundation looks for requests that are innovative, creative, and encourage collaboration. Your grant requests should also provide long-lasting benefits so they can enrich the learning experience year after year. 

Because of the SCV Education Foundation, schools are producing newspapers and literary magazines, science classes have hands-on equipment, computer programs are updated, music is part of the day, fine art is created, and gardens grow.

The Teacher Grant 2017/2018 Application is OPEN!

General Information and Process


Narrative Guidelines

Sample Budget Sheet

Scoring Rubric


Congratulations to 2016/2017 Recipients!

The projects and programs for which these awards were given will reach over 5,800 students year to year!

  • Dee Davis, Castaic Elementary - Touch Screen Notebooks
  • Bob Brauneisen, Castaic Middle School - Equipment to support drone technology program
  • Erin Oxhorn-Gilpin, Northlake Hills Middle School - Chromebooks
  • Bruce Brotz, Castaic Middle School - Slideboards
  • Peggi Stoffel, Rancho Pico JHS - Trombones
  • Rachell Lopez, Newhall School District - OHAUS Triple Beam Balances
  • Shinna Severina, Peachland Elementary - Lego Mindstorms
  • Lisa Ellis, Newhall and Wiley Canyon Elementary - PE Equipment
  • Peggy Richard, Terri Farley, Karen Broadway, Terri Davis, Newhall Elementary - Willy Pocket School Garden Kits
  • Amanda Jones, Golden Oak Elementary - Plants to Plastic Stem Kits
  • Beatriz Vargas, Sulphur Springs Elementary - Chromebooks
  • Susan Friedman, Mitchell Elementary - Power Pens and Learning Cards
  • Amanda Ackley, Emblem Elementary - Robo C2 and R2 printer bundles
  • Melissa Valencia and Cate Muro, Rio Vista and Highlands Elementary - Chromatic Resonator Bell Sets
  • Sandra Belanger, Foster Elementary - High interest low level literature books
  • Craig Lowry, Highlands Elementary - Mini iPads
  • Amy Alexander, Helmers Elementary - Leveled AR books
  • Jane Turner, Bridgeport Elementary - PE Equipment


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